This is my first blog post written by English. It is may not fluent as a native speaker, or contain a few grammar mistakes. Feel free to correct me!

Last week, I migrated my blog from a laravel app which developed by myself to hexo. I’d like to share my thought below.

My previous blog was developed by laravel stack, using MySQL/tailwind/laravel-admin, and so on. But I had not to write PHP code for a few months, such a blog platform is a little bit heavy to me.

I still love PHP and laravel, but now, I’d prefer using a simple tool to generate my markdown file to a static site.

As hexo generates the static file, it is much easier to deploy than a laravel app, I can publish to my server, to Github page, to a virtual host, and so on. I don’t need to do things like install PHP and MySQL, config PHP-fpm, backup database.

When I need to write something, I don’t want to open my browser, login into the admin panel, then paste content to the markdown editor. Choose hexo, I could more focus on write. There is why I migrate my blog from laravel to hexo.