Some years ago, maybe 2015 or 2016, I bought the 1Password 6 as my password manager. It’s perfect for me to store passwords.

Soon after, they changed the price from the single version license model to the subscription model. In the subscription model, you can sync your data with their servers, and could share data with your family or teams.

But I prefer to sync data on my own. I buy the office 365 family plan every year with my friends, the Onedrive is good enough for me to sync data between devices.

And I don’t need to share data with other guys, so I still use the old version of 1Password year after year, until 2021.

As I always use Mac so even the 1Password 6 is old but can still work correctly for me. A few months ago, I need to use Windows at work, I find they are a lot problem of the Windows version of 1Password 6.

The two main issues are:

  • Could not sync correctly.
  • Crashed frenquently.

A few days ago, I was getting impatient, then decide to find out some software to substitution it.

After research software like Lastpass、Keepass 、Bitwarden and Safeincloud, I choose the last one.

Honestly, Safeincloud is not as beautiful as 1Password, but it works correctly for me. It could auto-sync data by OneDrive and don’t crash. Additionally, it does not use the subscription model and even the desktop version is FREE! I only need to pay $3.99 for the Pro version of my android devices.

So, I no longer use 1Password, Safeincloud is good enough for me. That’s all.