How to checkout to a remote branch in git

Hi there, in this short note, I’d like to show you how to checkout to a remote branch on your local machine. Step 1: Fetch all the branches by using git fetch This command will download the new branches to your local. For more detail about git fetch, you can look at the helping document by typing: git fetch --help. After fetching, you can use the git branch -r to see all the remote branches to ensure that the branch you want to checkout has been downloaded.

Why you should modify the CapsLock to Ctrl on your keyboard

I have been using the CapsLock key as Ctrl for a long time. I would share why this is a good idea, and why you should too. As all we know, the CapsLock is in a position that is easy to press. When we put our finger on the keyboard, we can move our left pinky finger to the CapsLock and then press it naturally. But, on the other side, the Ctrl is in the bottle left of the keyboard, you need to move more length of your pinky finger, and it is a little bit uncomfortable, not as easy as pressing CapsLock.

Note: The basic usage of Systemd

Systemd is a system and service manager for Linux. In this post, I will document its basic usage. Check if it is installed, or its version in your machine 1 systemctl --version Yes, systemd providers the systemctl command. We always use the systemctl command to deal with our service. The Man page 1 man systemd You can type this command in your Linux server to find the document of systemd


It had been over a year since I last write a blog post. A lot of things changed in my life over the past year. Serial weeks ago, I finally downloaded the hexo blog source code in my new Macbook Air. I feel Hexo is a little boring for me, I don’t want to build a simple static website with huge size of npm packages. Since I want to write more Go code, thus, I switched to Hugo, the static site generator written in Go.

Docker Compose 控制容器启动顺序

在使用 Docker Compose 编排容器时,就涉及到容器启动的先后顺序。 比如一个Laravel应用,需要用到 PHP/Nginx/Mysql/Redis, 那么肯定是需要先启动 Mysql/Redis,然后才是