It had been over a year since I last write a blog post. A lot of things changed in my life over the past year.

Serial weeks ago, I finally downloaded the hexo blog source code in my new Macbook Air.

I feel Hexo is a little boring for me, I don’t want to build a simple static website with huge size of npm packages.

Since I want to write more Go code, thus, I switched to Hugo, the static site generator written in Go.

Thanks to the community, there is the same theme called even, which I had used in my previous blog.

These days, I learned how to use Github Actions to do some tasks automatically.

As My blog was deployed in Aliyun Oss, so I spent a little time on config a Github Action to compile posts into static files and upload them to Aliyun Oss while I pushed a new commit to the Github repository.

So I decided to restart my blog.

As I want to learn English, I will try to write some posts on my blog in English.