Hi there, in this short note, I’d like to show you how to checkout to a remote branch on your local machine.

Step 1: Fetch all the branches by using git fetch

This command will download the new branches to your local. For more detail about git fetch, you can look at the helping document by typing: git fetch --help.

After fetching, you can use the git branch -r to see all the remote branches to ensure that the branch you want to checkout has been downloaded.

Step 2: Create and checkout to the new branch.

You can use the command:

git checkout -b <your_local_branch> origin/<you_remote_branch>

By this command, you will create a new local branch name <your_local_branch>, and it will bind to the origin/<you_remote_branch>. And, in most cases, we use the same name for the local branch and remote branch, so the command in the real world may be like this: `` git checkout -b feature/some_new_feature origin/feature/some_new_feature