How to move table between databases.

Sometimes, we need to move a table from one database to another database, but MySQL doesn’t provide a command named ‘move’. So how can we do that? Fortunately, it seems an easily solved problem. After simply search google, we find the answer quickly. The answer is to use the “alter” command. The “alter” statement could not only rename or modify a column for a table, it could move a table to another database as well.

随手集 01 面对消失的勇气

原来打算每周写一点东西,抓住时间的脉搏,但写了两次之后,没有能持续下去。那就不再追求每周记录,随时想记录再写吧,改叫「随手集」 恰逢阿里云服务

一个半途而废的 Memcached 客户端

去年年中的时候,我曾经心态来潮想要写一个 memcached 客户端,但是很遗憾没有写完,算是半途而废了,现在来回顾记录一下。 缘起 去年看到 Redis 客户端 Medis 的作者写的一